Special Events

***GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE. Please request them through the contact page. Thank you.

GROUP PAST LIFE REGRESSION -OR - AN EVENING OF SOUL REMEMBRANCE & HEALING: Soul Connection, Past Life Regression, Energy Clearing, & Sound Healing, for groups (with MarthaHawkes.com). For more information, or to schedule and event, please use the contact form of this website or call 207-303-2119, Thank you.

NORTH NODE and CHIRON Astrology Classes and Past Life Regression Packages with Mary Jo from Soul Revolution TV YouTube and Website:  

NORTH NODE -https://www.soulfulrevolutiontv.com/product/north-node-contracts-discover-the-roots-of-your-life-purpose/

CHIRON -https://www.soulfulrevolutiontv.com/product/chiron-your-mission-embracing-your-wounded-healer/

Please check back for future upcoming events.