Which technique should I choose?

Register for the technique/s that resonate/s with you most. However:

  • If your objectives include healing from trauma, please schedule the “IH” or the “IH / QHHT COMBO” session.
  • During the first half of our session, we will make sure every tool necessary, to meet your objectives and to answer your questions, will be included in your session.*
  • If your goal is to remove the effects of trauma on your belief system and/or the become a true manifester of goals and dreams, please consider the four-part Past Life Therapy / Law of Attraction package. . .  *(greatly discounted for a limited time).
  • Upon scheduling your session, you will receive information on how to best prepare for your session, and a detailed list of sample questions, relationships, and events you may wish to include as part of your session.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Developed by Dolores Cannon, includes journeys through several past-lives, which are always chosen by your Higher-Self to emphasize the questions and physical healing you desire from the session. Your Guide and Higher-Self will join us during the most salient part of the session. (3 – 7 Hrs, $350)

Pure QHHT sessions are conducted in-person, only

Introspective Hypnosis Technique (IH)

Integrates Ericksonian Hypnosis, Forgiveness Therapy, Past-Life Regression, Spirit Releasement, and Soul Retrieval techniques, as developed by Antonio Sangio and Aurelio Mejias. Also, spirits of your soul-group, who’ve been present in your past and current lives, will join your Soul in the session to help facilitate your outcomes. (3 – 6 Hrs, $350)

Sessions held in-person or via Zoom


Integrates tools of each method that will best meet your objectives for the session. (3 – 7 Hrs, $399

Sessions held in-person or via Zoom


This series of four sessions will help rewire the mind and clear the Soul's energy grid of past hurt, leading to the irrational belief that you are 'less than' and cannot achieve all you want in life. An initial payment of $350 for the initial 5 - 7 hour regression session begins the journey. The two subsequent Solution Focused (1 - 2 hour) 'in-person' guided meditation sessions, and final regression ($75 each session) can be paid at or prior to each subsequent session.

I call this the "Do It Right' package!

Sessions held in-person or via Zoom

Life-Between-Life Regression (LBL)

Developed by Michael Newton offers a unique view of your most recent life, the afterlife before your birth into the current lifetime. You may visit your contract planning session, your Council of Elders, the Hall of Records (Akasha), or choosing your parents, based upon your session objectives and as determined by your Higher Self (or Soul). (Approx 6 Hrs, $300)

- LBL Sessions are offered only in combination with a QHHT or Introspective Session.

- Sessions held in-person or via Zoom


Offered in the months following your Regression Hypnosis Therapy session. These sessions will assist you to make the most of what was gained through your session. We will continue to correlate and incorporate in-session insight and healing with post-session changes, practices, and current behavioral and spiritual life goals. (Four 15 – 30 Minute Sessions, $100 for the package)