Regression Hypnosis Therapy

What can RHT DO FOR ME?

RHT answers your questions, offers guidance, and provides deep, Alpha- and Theta-state energy healing.


  • Who your Guide is, and how important it is to work with them every day?
  • How to enact Law of Attraction?
  • Why it’s so hard to earn money or attract other types of abundance?
  • How to easily recover from addictions through hypnis?
  • About the love who got away, or if another love is just around the corner?
  • If you are following your path?
  • Or, about other burning questions?




  • Fatigue or illnesses you cannot explain?
  • Addictions of on or another kind?
  • Emotional or mental health issues?
  • Trouble forgiving people who have hurt you?

REGRESSION HYPNOSIS can provide you with answers, guidance, and healing to complete the your Soul’s Mission:

  • To know love and compassion.
  • To learn to and want to forgive.
  • To understand you can create your desired reality.


  • Increase your energetic frequency to attract more desirable elements to your life.
  • Indicate why you are attracted to certain placed and types of people.
  • Provide information about a departed loved one or pet.
  • Allow you to communicate with a departed loved one or pet.



Well, you should expect improved well-being, insight into people and events, new convictions, more energy, and feeling lighter. You can learn when challenges, limitations, obstacles, and even people, have been contracted, and what you are meant to learn from them. You can gain understanding about motives behind, and reasons for, difficult or traumatic events. You can gain spiritual guidance about your purpose, and even about current and future choices and events. And, you may find how your free-will, or that of others crossing your path have affected your life.

 Further, you may feel lighter, healthier, and improved well-being after your session. You may find your vibrational frequency rise, placing you in an energy where goals are manifested more easily. And you will most certainly find new conviction about how living your ‘highest and best’ life can affect your afterlife experience.

But really – you should expect the unexpected.



Marylee's Promise

Marylee Losardo, MSPA, MS, CPRP, CRC

Along with being a certified hypnotist, is a Master’s Level teacher, researcher, and therapist with over 25 years evaluating and providing psychological and rehabilitative counseling. In the sessions she conducts, these skills unite with her scholarly knowledge of reincarnation and higher dimensions in the afterlife. Every client is fully informed about the process and assured of safety and confidentiality. And, the information obtained in trance is synthesized to provide you with a current-life blue-print of how to gain maximum results from your RHT experience.