What Is Included

What’s Included in an Individual REGRESSION HYPNOSIS THERAPY Session?


This detailed, one-to-five-hour evaluation, will ensure your session objectives are clearly defined, the reasons for your questions and healing requests are clearly understood, and your session is navigated to achieve your goals.

Pre-Trance Education

You will learn how REGRESSION HYPNOSIS how works through the subconscious mind and spiritual energy body, what it will feel like when you are in trance, and how the Past-Life Regression can influence life events and produce healing.

Hypnotic Trance

This is where the work of the subconscious, Higher-Self (or, Soul), Guide, and angels will occur. The true objective of any hypnosis regression session is for healing and for guidance. It is so much more than simple curiosity.

Post-Trance Discussion

Sessions will end with a review of all that occurred during trance.

Post-Session Support & Resource Contacts

Regression Hypnosis Therapy is the START of a new way of living and being in your environment. At the end of the session, you will be provided with any resources (books, authors, YouTube channels, etc.) to turn what you experience through hypnosis into a long-term reality.

Once your session is scheduled, you will receive suggested instructions that can maximize your session. You will also receive a set of sample questions and goals to assist you to prepare objectives and goals.