Marylee Losardo

Certified Regression Hypnotist
Law of Attraction Practitioner
Hello and Welcome. I was realized, as a child, I could read energy. This was the laste 1960s, when it was hard to find spiritual and even psychological information. So with my mother as my confidante and “book-club” companion, we read and discussed everything available on the spiritual, and the conscious and subconscious mind.

Eventually, we’d find an adult-education yoga class, or a Silva Mind Control workshop. We even joined a chapter of the Self-Realization-Fellowship, saw the lotus flower open in our third-eye (pineal gland), and became initiated to Paramahansa Yoganandaji’s Kryia Yoga. And I continued to search for answers about how the sbuconsious - Id and Super-Ego per Freud, governed thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

The literature describing reincarnation and the afterlife resonated most. And, I read everything. But early on, I never considered a ‘spiritual’ career. l went on to become a Master’s Level psycholotical research associate, teacher, counselor (in human behavior, addictions, medication, mental-illness, and person-centered, strength-based therapies), and advocate for individuals with disabilities.

After a 25-year career in clinical psychology, I felt the pull to practice hypnosis. As a regression hypnotist, I am so grataeful to facilitate energy healing im deep Alpha- and Theta states. I’ve trained, and I continue to train and to mentor students, with the best in the regression and energy healing field, including the Antonio Sangio, Alba Weinman, and Julia and Delores Cannon, as well as the Past Life Regression methods of Dr. Jose Luis Cabouli, and manifestation Law with The Yeshua Collective, via clear channel Carol Collins, 'Ameria's Medium.' These techniques are enhanced by a scholarly level of knowledge of alternative lives and the afterlife, now kept current via multiple media, seminars, and group affiliations. And, my clinical psychosocial mental health therapy and rehabililtation career combines with RHT technique to help you experience transformative outcomes, from start to available post-session Solution Focused meditations, and follow-up contacts and support.

Marylee's Promise

Marylee Losardo, MSPA, MS, CPRP, CRC

Along with being a certified hypnotist, is a Master’s Level teacher, researcher, and therapist with over 25 years evaluating and providing psychological and rehabilitative counseling. In the sessions she conducts, these skills unite with her scholarly knowledge of reincarnation and higher dimensions in the afterlife. Every client is fully informed about the process and assured of safety and confidentiality. And, the information obtained in trance is synthesized to provide you with a current-life blue-print of how to gain maximum results from your RHT experience.